How to Assemble & Install Dr. E TPU Wheels!

Recommended TPU filament:

Priline 95A TPU $26.99 - Link
You will need 2kg so get two spools = $54

Parts List:
Cloudwheels Pulley [Price varies] - Link
24 M5 nylon nuts $5.23 - Link
This comes with 35 nuts so order one.

24 M5x45mm hex socket head bolts $8.49 - Link
You will need 24, so order 2 = $17

Note: Each wheel uses 6 M5 nuts & bolts.

Total cost = $54+5.23+17= $76.23+tax = around $86 for making 4 wheels without the cost of pullies. (If you already have Cloudwheel pullies you are good to go!)

You will need 24 M5 nylon nuts and 24 45mmm M5 screws to assemble the TPU Wheels. You can use standard 608 bearings with spacers or built-in spacers with 608 bearings.

These wheels are fully-compatible with Cloudwheel ABEC pullies. WE DO NOT SELL PULLIES, we recommend you to buy compatible pullies for your board. If you already own cloudwheels, you can use those pullies.

Recommended Materials & Settings for printing hubs:

You can either use PETG or ABS. We recommend ABS over PETG due to much higher impact resistance and lighter weight but in our testing PETG stood up very well.

  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Default width: 0.5mm
  • Infill: 0.6mm
  • Perimeters: 8
  • Top & Bottom Layers: 7
  • Infill: 40% Honeycomb

We have been testing these settings for months on PETG and ABS and have had ZERO failures while testing our board w/ 6368 motors.

Recommended Materials & Settings for printing TPU Tires:

  • Layer height: 0.3mm
  • Default width: 0.5mm
  • Infill: 0.6mm
  • Perimeters: 10
  • Top & Bottom Layers: 0
  • Top & Bottom Tread Infill: 42% Honeycomb
  • Middle Tread Infill: 5% Gyroid
  • 2nd & 4th Tread Infill: 7% Gyroid
  • In-between Infill: 20% Rectilinear

*For infill instructions, please refer to our video tutorial on how to print the TPU Tires correctly. Depending on the TPU material used, you may have to adjust the infill settings to get the wheels “just right”. Every TPU material is slightly different(in shore hardiness) even if they are both 95A) so this is something you will have to dial in, it make take you a few tries to get it “just right”. And also you can customize the infill settings for your weight.(e.g. These are recommended settings for a 180 pound adult, if you weight 250 pounds, you may have to use slightly more infill. If you have 100 pounds, you may want to use less infill)

The following video outlines in detail how to setup your slicer settings and how your wheels should feel like after printing.

Following is how to assemble the wheels:

Following video shows you how to install the fully-assembled wheels on your electric skateboard along with how to adjust the belts: